Yoga is the art of finding inner peace, loving yourself and opening your heart and mind. 

Art of Yoga

At Art of Yoga we strive to be authentic in everything we do. It is of the utmost importance that we create a safe space where everyone can be their true self. We wish that everyone feels safe and welcome, exactly as they are. When the environment and space is safe and welcoming, and you can be who you are, we believe learning and implementing what you learn is easier.

We are deeply passionate about sharing yoga with people from all walks of life. Yoga is a path to shanti - or peace - and it will help you deepen your understanding of yourself, others and the world. We will share the knowledge we have accumulated over the last many years, and we hope to show how you can practice yoga both on and off the mat.

Yoga gives you an opportunity to explore your inner self.

Yoga is about so much more than asanas (the poses). In its essence, yoga is a deeply spiritual practice. Yoga is a way of life, and this ancient practice can help you find inner peace in an oftentimes chaotic world, where things are moving with the speed of lighting. Yoga is a healing practice - both mentally, physically and spiritually - and if you allow it, this ancient practice has the ability and power to transform your life.

Art of Yoga invites you to take a break. We invite you to breathe a little bit deeper, listen and simply just be without having to do or be anything.

Our mission

Our finest mission is to introduce you to yoga in a way that is understandable. Our dream is to become a heart centre for meditation, healing, ayurveda and traditional yoga. Therefore, we deeply value yoga philosophy, as the philosophy is the foundation of yoga, and it is here the changes start.

Our vision

At Art of Yoga we believe that yoga can help improve our health both physically, mentally and spiritually. For this reason it is important to us that our students develop a sadhana practice that becomes a part of their daily life. By having a daily sadhana practice - no matter how long or short it is - you will experience the positive benefits of yoga.

Art of Yoga welcomes everyone who is ready to dive deep into the world of yoga. If you are ready for a transformational journey, Art of Yoga is for you. Together we will explore yoga and open up for new opportunities and tools that will give you a sense of inner peace, acceptance and understanding of yourself. Yoga will become your anchor in an ever changing world. It will be the anchor which grounds you and the anchor which you can always return to when hardship inevitably comes your way. This beautiful practice will keep you grounded in a fast moving world.


At Art of Yoga everybody is welcome no matter gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality and/or sexual orientation. Art of Yoga is a safe space for every person.

We look forward to sharing yoga with you.